The Madness in the Methods

Hello, my name is Jason Gonzalez, and I am a barista. There’s something I need to admit to myself, to admit to all of you…Talking about  brew methods is boring. Dull. Flat. Stale. Tedious. Trite. I’m not interested. Which is funny, because I love brewing and tasting coffee. Yet, I find the conversations that we tend to have about actual brewing methods miss the point of specialty coffee entirely.

Unmarked Roads to Vague Destinations

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. I’m very lazy, you see. I’d like to do a fortnightly thing. I won’t promise anything. Anyway, while I’ve been on hiatus, tons and tons has happened in our little coffee world. Most importantly (well… for me), I won the UK Cup Tasters Championship and came 8th in the world. Boom. I consider myself qualified to write about coffee now. Everything I wrote before this piece was unqualified drivel. Sorry about that.

Flat White Lies

In coffee, I’ve noticed that baristas lie to their customers… often. Probably not every shop… but more than you might think. Not only that, but lying is often represented as a good idea. I used to work in a shop that wouldn’t steam hot milk above a certain temperature. Now, I’m not going to argue the merit or folly of that choice in this blog post. The thing that bothered me is that we wouldn’t steam the milk extra hot, and we told the customer that we would. A lie. A simple one, but a lie nonetheless.