The Coffee Shrine

Indulge me, just a bit, as I gush about this shop… it’s going to be awful. Especially considering my bias now that I work there…

My first time in was like coming home. I could not fully appreciate the magnitude of the things that were accomplished in the shop, because it was simply over my head at the time. Yet in front of me, were things that I had only read about in legends… or, you know, online and stuff. There was a Japanese cold brew coffee tower in the window. I honestly thought about 30 people in the UK even knew what that thing was (again, I was quite ignorant), yet there was one just dripping away in the window. Inside, intrigue only deepened. There were six coffees on. Six. Not a house and a guest coffee. Six. Even working there now, I still marvel at the ambition. Each coffee was described on the wall, and each espresso has separate flavor-notes for when steamed milk was added. Three espressos, which came from three different farms. Three different shots, three different flat whites. There were three different filter coffees, from three different farms, each prepared using a different method. 

Like the complete newbie that I was, I just went for whatever was on the Syphon Filter. Not that it was a bad choice… but I only picked it because of how it was made, not what it actually was. Heartbreakingly, I don’t remember what the farm was, I don’t know who roasted it. I was merely mesmerized, child-like, by the orange glow of the halogen lamp. I thought that it was powered by unicorn whinnies and the coffee it made would grant wishes. I didn’t appreciate the long struggle of a coffee bean, from hand-picked fruit to well extracted brew… I still thought there was an easy answer; a magic recipe, a perfect method. But, even with it’s ignorant audience, the coffee was astonishing.

Flavor… precious flavor. Not wood nor ash, but it was bursting with orange blossom and nectarine and nutty chocolate.

Sweet, sweet validation. Dragons are real. The quest is complete. Now, I just need them to freakin’ hire me…

Jason Gonzalez

bath, uk