Who We Are

Jason Gonzalez

Jason discovered that he had a knack for drinking coffee at a young age, and he's been doing it ever since. He discovered the joy of interesting, single origin coffees while working in the UK, training under 3x UK barista champion, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood at his award-winning shop, Colonna & Small's in Bath, UK. Jason also likes karate.

Awards: UK Cup Tasting Champion (2014 & 2013), 8th in the World Cup Tasting Championship (2013).


Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez

Englander-turned-Vermonter, by day she's a data & graphic designer, by evening and weekend she co-runs Onyx Tonics. You'll normally find her at the back of the shop, either working away on her laptop or head-down in a book. 

When they're not making and serving coffee (which is rare these days!) they enjoy long hikes in the mountains. They've tried to bring their two cats along, but they preferred to lounge by the window at home.