The point of the blog...

The blog is really just to follow my little journey through speciality coffee. It’s going to be very sarcastic and cynical. I am that way. Deal. 

I like Speciality Coffee. The kind of coffee that could win a Cup of Excellence, or a Barista Competition. Freshly roasted to retain the individual characteristics of the farm. Not roasted to homogeneity. That’s what I like. Does that make me a snooty jerk? Probably not. Everyone has something that they specialize in, something they are passionate about. Outside of that field, you might think that they are crazy… but within the field of Olympic Curling, for example, I’m sure there are deep debates about what animal hair to use for a Curling broom. Such is the specificity we can achieve when groups of people band together in common interest. It’s not for everyone, and it’s not supposed to be.

I am a trainee barista in a Speciality Coffee shop. I don’t represent that shop, because it’s not mine… and my boss’s do an excellent job representing themselves. If you want to read a blog done by someone with tons of experience in the field, someone who owns their own Speciality Coffee shop, someone who has won his country’s Barista Competition and become a world finalist… go here.

My own blog is mostly here for me, made public for anyone that has any use for it. There should be precious few of you. Those that endure will be treated to my own thoughts on the industry. These thoughts are generally fairly harsh. I’m not here to join the self-congratulatory back-patting. Nor to join the arrogant, defensively aggressive “us vs Commercial coffee” revolution. 

I love coffee, and I love the pursuit of excellence. I hate posturing and pandering.

Watch this space.