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Specialty coffee in downtown Burlington, Vermont

Welcome to our little coffee tasting room in downtown Burlington, VT.

Created by husband & wife team, Jason & Tiffany gonzalez


Coffee is ultimately a living thing. It is a plant which reacts to, and is changed by, its environment. This means that each farm, in each growing region around the world will produce a coffee that is unique. In wine, this idea is referred to as "terroir", or "place". We rarely taste this in coffee because it is so often blended and roasted in a way that makes it all taste like, well, coffee. At Onyx Tonics our intention is to tease out the unique flavors of high quality coffees from around the world. We think you'll be surprised with the results.

As coffee is a living thing, it has seasons. Our offerings will reflect this, and our coffee menu will change weekly. Our intention is to continue exploring coffee throughout the year. When we hit our stride, a customer should be able to have a different drink every time they come in.





126 College Street
(Suite 120)
VT 05401

Est. June 2016

A Weekly Rotating Menu of Single Origin Coffees


A short shot of coffee

An espresso is a great way to enjoy our single origin coffees. The drink will vary from a traditional, roasty espresso. Instead, each of our espressos is unique. They have a bright, fruity acidity up front, with a sweeter finish.


A shot of espresso w/ steamed milk

Our espresso pairs well with steamed and textured milk. Our milk is local and organic. Our default milk drink is a tidy 6 fl oz, a great balance of coffee and milk. This makes our espresso and milk drinks strong, creamy, and sweet.


Delicate, nuanced coffees

Filter coffees are similar to the way professionals drink coffee when they grade it. Our filters are light, almost tea-like, but they boast unique and interesting flavor. Our filters have a fruity acidity up front, and a clean body.

In addition to our ever-rotating coffee program, there will also be a small offering of locally-sourced teas and pastries

Our rotating Coffee roasters

Local partners

Who We Are

Jason Gonzalez

Jason discovered that he had a knack for drinking coffee at a young age, and he's been doing it ever since. He discovered the joy of interesting, single origin coffees while working in the UK, training under 3x UK barista champion, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood at his award-winning shop, Colonna & Small's in Bath, UK. Jason also likes karate.

Awards: UK Cup Tasting Champion (2014 & 2013), 8th in the World Cup Tasting Championship (2013).

Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez

Englander-turned-Vermonter, by day she's a data & graphic designer, by evening and weekend she co-runs Onyx Tonics. You'll normally find her at the back of the shop, either working away on her laptop or head-down in a book. 

When they're not making and serving coffee (which is rare these days!) they enjoy long hikes in the mountains. They've tried to bring their two cats along, but they preferred to lounge by the window at home.